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So, you guys might be wondering what is Huji Cam, in the modern-day society, people give a huge value to things with an antique touch. And also, the photos that are really old like which were taken back in 90’s with an analog camera with the lens flare and date embedded on the picture in amber color. If you check on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc; there is a new photo effect trending on them and Its given by Huji Cam App which is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Let’s see what Huji Cam got to offer for their photo editing app users, and we will be discussing them in the following the article.

Significant Facts of Huji Cam Application

It is rare to find out disposable film roll using cameras. Huji Cam steps forward and given smartphone users to have the same feeling once again. As we remember disposable camera was price tagged around $10 and will have to use film rolls to store images and it took some effort to develop an image. By using Huji Cam app you can have the same experience for free and it also got a premium version for just $0.99 which allows you to have many images as you want for that small money.

Huji Cam APK is available for leading Smartphone Operating Systems such as Android platform and also in iOS platform for Apple users. This is a small app which is 19MB in size, its way smaller than the other mobile photo editing apps in the app stores.

Currently, Huji Cam app is compatible with devices running Android 5.0 or higher and for Apple handset users should have iOS 7 or above to have this photo editing software in their devices. To best user experience developers have released Huji Cam 2.2 APK, you can download the latest from the relative app stores.

Download and Install Huji Cam APK
Huji Cam APK

To get the mobile application you need to follow some easy steps

  1. Search for Huji Cam using the relevant app stores according to the operating system that runs on your mobile phone. There are many same type applications you can easily locate the original application by looking at the developer and the number of downloads. So in that, you can have the free version of Huji Cam or the Premium version of Huji Cam app which is just $0.99 with many pro options.
  2. After downloading the mobile application, it will show in your device applications and just tap on Huji Cam to open up the application. This app is designed in Horizontal orientation to give the app users the feeling of using a disposable camera. The application graphical user interface is designed in a manner such that it includes all the basic functions such as Flash ON and OFF button, the shutter button, and also it got an on-screen viewfinder.
  3. After setting up the settings you can just point and shoot, for shooting to get the button press feeling developers have assigned for the volume button. Which means your volume button works as the shutter press. Once you shoot on the screen there will be a message saying ‘Developing’ that means the Huji Cam app takes cares of the image and it adds the filters and necessary touches which we like on a digital camera. Once it has done with the developing the image it will save that in the camera roll of your device.

If you find it hard to use point and shoot by using the small viewfinder you can go to settings and find the option named ‘Touch mode’ by turning that ON, you can get full-screen viewfinder which you get in stock camera applications.

If those steps did not work for you, there are some steps that you can do to get this on to your device.

    1. Go to phone settings then select applications in it. Once you get into application list find the Huji Cam app.
    2. Go to permission menu in the Huji cam app and turn OFF the camera permission.
    3. Then open mobile application normal manner and you will get a permission notice, in that select ‘Resolve Problem’ and that should solve you all the problems with getting this application into your devices.

Extra Features of Premium Huji Cam

Huji Cam free version comes with some fewer features but you can upgrade to the full potential of the app by just purchasing the premium app for just $ 0.99. It allows you to get the Hji Cam effects to the images that are already in the camera roll of your mobile. That’s not it, it also got some new beautiful light effects that exclusively premium users can experience. Premium version is an Ad free application.

Developers have included new 13 worldwide languages to make the app more user-friendly. Development team always think of the customer satisfaction, in case if you come across any issues with app development team would look upon the issue and bug fix to give you smooth experience while using the Huji Cam app. There is a new option to drag-select in the Lab area which developers think users will love.

Developer Appreciation

The mastermind behind this photo editing software is a group of Korean developers and they have been designing mobile games, screen lock apps, and ringtone generators, for a while in the industry. These geniuses are called Manhole, Inc. And these bunch of nerds was able to get this Huji Cam as the next big thing in the photo editing smartphone app. By now it got more than 16+ million downloads and from that, we can be sure that these people have done something right. It also hit top 10 results in photo editing apps in app stores. #hujicam was trending on Instagram and it hits over 300,000 posts by now. There is an inner desire to attract to nostalgic antique things in the human behavior and it has been understood by them and tackled it nicely